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Our Partners

AAAP’s partners for action

The AAAP works with the following three categories of core partners to achieve the goals on a large

  • Development finance institutions and multilateral development banks: the Upstream Financing Facility supports the design of adaptation mainstreaming in large-scale programmes and projects financed by development finance institutions and multilateral development banks including the African Development Bank. The Upstream Financing Facility is expanding its work with the French Development Agency, and exploring work with other partners. It has signed partnership agreements with the European Investment Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development.
  • African institutions that seek access to global climate funding: as part of the finance pillar of the AAAP is supporting the institutional strengthening of African national and regional organizations to access global climate finance. The facility supports the preparation and accreditation of strong adaptation proposals to mobilize funding from the Green Climate Fund. These activities touch 14 countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Senegal and Seychelles.
  • Private financial institutions interested in adaptation financing: the AAAP seeks to leverage the capital of private-sector investment and asset-management firms to expand adaptation-specific asset classes in their financing instruments. An example of this is the work with Invesco, one of the largest asset-management firms globally, which is working to launch a $1 billion climate adaptation action fund.

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